Community meetings 2016

(Jon Richter) #1

The transformaps community is readapting and finding new configurations to answer the ever changing questions at hands. Propositions have been made in the past to produce active exchange between its peers by bootstrapping community calls. Allow me to collect them here and answer with yet another proposition.

Others may also occasionally want to join online Hangouts:

@Simon_Sarazin @Connoropolous @Silke @kevflanagan @matthieu_rheaume_mat @EllenFriedman @Manuel_Guzman_manuel @nicolas.krausz @james @orschiro @Paul_Free @devin @tiltec @Samsemilio @johan @missinglink @Maia @jmvanel @mattw @captainkmac @fosterlynn @Amaury_Van_Espen

For each of the above we have different conversation vectors to propose.

@Scrumteam1 I suggest we start a weekly rhythm of stewarded community calls along the four interest dimensions known from the flask model. Thus we could reach a monthly iteration covering most aspects of maintaining the transformaps commons.

(Lynn Foster) #2

Good thought, I’d be interested in participating when it can be useful.

(Jon Richter) #3

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(Jon Richter) #5

Given the failed last two attempts to reconnect during the MAN summits, I propose to have a call this friday?

(Lynn Foster) #6

Friday would be good, we’re flexible all day. Copying Bob too, he’d like
to join. I think we’re 7 hours earlier than Berlin. We could start 8am or
later here.

(claudia.sakbe) #7

Hello Jon, thanks a lot for write and include us in this mapping initiative of North America, it interest us greatly…

I’m writing about this, and sorry but so far I could write. I’ll be available on the Monday’s call.

I’m not sure if I’m lost, but please let me know if it’s ok what I posted.

Best regards

Commons Initiative Mexico

(Jon Richter) #8

I remember you were writing some details via private email lately. There was a two hour meeting during your morning, no? So if you have lunch afterwards, we could talk at 1pm your time, which would be 20:00 here?

(Lynn Foster) #9

we could talk at 1pm your time, which would be 20:00 here?

Yes, the time is good. Let us know the venue…

(Jon Richter) #10

I still believe Hangouts is the easiest and will come into a little bit earlier.

(Jon Richter) #11

Recalling from the call two weeks ago, we have the following executive summary available:

The Value Flows project, a collaboration between Lynn Foster (@fosterlynn), Bob Haugen (@bhaugen) and @elfpavlik next to many others from the field of cooperative software, is progressively continuing with modeling their ontologies for Network Resource Planning. A main partner is right now, also due to geographical proximity, @Stephanie_Rearick with her MAN project. A current demonstrator of what they want to achieve is accessible at

A recent call between us focussed on reattaching the loosen ties which we had built during the last few years. In the phone conversation we happened to conclude the work of @almereyda on a data management pattern for transformap, visualised as a pattern language in a federated wiki (search for lineup viewer at the bottom when it becomes available again), and the current entry points for the Transformap community’s vocabulary work with the Wikibase at Looking at the almost stable Value Flows ontology and the prospects of the Yunity project, we realized we would do good in bringing both efforts together: Yunity strives for offer and request matching and has hardship building their plattform, while Value Flows provide a stable foundational data structure. Bringing both together will also bring us closer to joining the Linked Open Data cloud.

For reference, @Paul_Free, @tiltec, @gandhiano, @almereyda and also @maxlath will investigate different ways of resource mapping during the

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #12

I’m currently learning ruby and rails in order to be helpful about development
so, yes @almereyda i would be interested in taking part into hangout.