Community Report #3: 27th April 2016

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Dear Transformap friends and contributors,

Here is the latest community report. Hope you enjoy!
Oh, and it would be great if some of you could confirm they’re receiving those emails so we’re sure that our mailing list does work.

##Migrating our inventory of maps
Since the beginning of our adventure we have inventoried existing maps of alternative economies as well as mapping resources (like atlases or tools). The wiki is now relocated at the following address: The overview of existing maps is here. Feel free to contribute and add missing maps or complete/update information! We’re looking at ways to make that inventory easier to navigate and more visually attractive. Ideas? Get in touch!

##Highlighting some relevant discussions on the forum
In our effort to build a community, let’s highlight two related discussions. One with Ben Brownell from Metamaps which touched to the issue of determining to what community (eg. Transition, Commons, etc.) an initiative is belonging to. The question is who is legitimate to do this. Our answer no one! or, better, everyone! This spurred the related discussion which is the background that brings us to one of the main deliverable we’re working onl: let users collectively shape taxonomies, make their own filters. In other words really enable non technical people to shape new maps of alternative economies.

##More discussion with
We’ve had some more contacts with the friends of through their platform - did you know you can video chat with other mappers while looking at the same map? it’s working great!.
I learned at his occasion that a basic import function is about to be available. Check for updates here.


##Taxonomy development process with SSEDAS
We are figuring out how to use the SSEDAS taxonomy development process outcome for creating compliant data sets for the SSEDAS map displays.
Last week, we were holding a SSEDAS partner Taxonomy skype call. We concluded, that the qualifiers, required for some Types of Initiatives (shops, restaurants, farms), will build on the qualifiers already established by ESS Global. - In the first week of May we have another open Taxonomy Call, to give people an introduction in the Taxonomy System, and prepare the SSEDAS inputs for a Conversation with ESS Global to prepare their qualifiers Version 2.0.
Jason Nardi from Ripess offered to be the interface with ESS Global, and for the 2nd week of May, we scheduled a meeting to converge on the Qualifiers (more details here).

#Project Management
##Administrative issues

Get Active is now validated by the EU Commission for the CHEST project and Ecobytes is almost there as well. Even with the validation granted, there is seemingly an endless stream of paperwork still coming, which might be completed quite soon.


  • We are in good relations with the SSEDAS Steering Committee, as well as with the activity coordinator Jan Urhahn from Inkota.There is a common understanding, that the community work with the SSEDAS partners requires more effort than expected, that we invest more time in converging with external partners (e.g. ESS Global), and also for our own process. We do our best to keep deadlines and deliver an awesome SUSY-map.
  • The SSEDAS partners are now almost finished with delivering us their first data, and we are working and structuring it currently to provided it to the API.- A first draft for the visualization is sceduled für the comming week.

In further shaping the budget (within the current spreadsheet format), no progress happened, as the respective people in the team required to work on it could/would not take the required time to meet.
In the mean time, some team-members are also focusing on trying the software co-budget to assess whether it can be used for managing community buckets.

We are figuring out how to use the SSEDAS taxonomy development process outcome for creating compliant data sets for the SSEDAS map displays.
Also the design of a rough Fideto approximation is currently in a bootstrap phase of aligning data models with expected functionality and influence by existing standards.



What is Fideto? Would be great to explain that in a couple of sentence.

@toka could you provide some background on your rationale of moving the wiki? why you don’t need to but maybe that would be interesting to let that in the open…

Thanks for the regular updates!

Is there a target date WHEN Transformap is going to go live with a worldwide set of mappings?

This depends on the collaboration of all involved partners, from both community and project sides.
Also strategical questions about how to represent these maps can only be answered by implementation, not by waterfall planning.

Got it! Thanks, Jon.

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Having said that, you can track the development of the Map of many maps in our project management tool Taiga: