Community Report #5: 30th June 2016

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##Call for community proposals to be funded
We have set 2000€ aside for the wider community to propose small activities to be funded. We are aiming at funding 4/5 buckets between 400-500€ each. Smaller or bigger proposals are also welcome. We are inviting anyone wishing to fund activities that will contribute to the Transformap vision to write start a thread on our forum here . All proposals will be reviewed by anyone in the community who expressed the wish to do it - this will be an experiment to open radically the decision-making, and hopefully paving the way to a more participative Transformap.
Please disseminate to all who could be interested! Details are available here: Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets

Degrowth 2016

Some of us are going to 5th Degrowth conference in Budapest from Aug30th to Sep 3rd. There is a thread in Discourse about it. Who else will be in Budapest for Degrowth? We would be happy to meet you there!

##Transformap’s Wikibase for maps’ taxonomies
The Transformap Wikibase is an interface based on the “Wikibase” plugin for Mediawiki that allows to store taxonomies and create connections between each elements of them. For example: ‘community garden’ is in the taxonomy of two different maps, those elements can be linked. This will be the base for merging different maps. It paves the way towards a systematic and machine readable documentation of maps’ taxonomies, mirroring the way list all the maps of alternatives. A guide to create a new taxonomy can be found here.

##Proposal for ETL by James Lewis being reviewed
The ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) component is a key piece of the infrastructure Transformap is putting together. It allow the extraction of data from a map, its transformation along a common standard, and the loadin of the data to our API (which then can feed any map or app with data). James has extensive experience in building a similar technical component. He produced for us a proposal as the basis of his coming work. We are currently reviewing it with him to set the basis of his work. More to follow soon!

#Project Management
We are coming to the end of an unusual complicated bureaucratic process with the CHEST consortium that has been fully independent of our will. We are waiting for money to be released and having some liquidity difficulty. We have oral agreement that we can extend the funded operations until the end of September and are waiting for a written confirmation. In the mean time, work is going ahead.

A rough updated SSEDAS timeline has been presented to the SSEDAS partners recently. You can follow the development of the different task via the links to our Taiga:

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Thank you for the previous introductory four rounds of community reports!

The next one should mention

  • explanation of the TransforMap testbed stack
  • Introduction to the community bucketing system
  • announcment of the pattern workshop

What else do you see?

Which has been commenced in

hello @alabaeye,

thank you for empasizing.

We just had our sitin and concluded, that we are out of focus and need to refocus in a planning meeting on next monday from 10:00 - 14:00.

let´s formulate an update personally for you:

what goes well:

“+” Chest formalities seem to be cleared, and we seem to have a time extension until the end of sept 2016. (payment of next installment still unclear)
"+" Wikibase (Taxonomy and Translation) is running, and there is currently some testing and bugfixing going on, to have it run propperly
"+" The community bucket can be fixated and communicated with 2000€ ("-" very little energy to run the process of proposals, technology for decision making, decision making, …)
"+" ETL is taken on by James Lewis and an encouraged team

what does not go so well:

“-” development of the map viewer stagnated since about 2 weeks without clarity on the reason or how to contribute to resolve the blockages
"-" apparently weak ties / little bonding within the team
"-" a planned and budgeted “patterns”-workshop for 29. - 30. June is seemingly lost in communication

Guess, that would not make a community report, that anyone loves to share…

Hope and trust, that we get everything together next monday, and try to prepare well for it.

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