Community Report #6: 15th of July

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(Adrien Labaeye) #1

##Update on call for proposal
The call for proposal received until now 6 proposals! Still only two persons have shown interest in being part of the decision process in allocating funds. To make it really a community process, please take part in it by writing to me or writing on the thread on the forum.
To allow for enough time, the call is extended until Sunday 17th midnight, don’t feel shy and take part in the process of deciding how the money is allocated!
##Translation of social and solidarity economy vocabulary
The translation of the first iteration of social and solidarity economy filters has started in wikibase, with already more than 5 languages (including english, german, spanish, croatian, hungarian, slovenian,
gaelic, farsi,…). .You can check out the translations with the language selector on the top of the site.

##New overview of the Transformap (socio-technical) architecture
Jon Richter put together some more explanation of how Transformap broadly envision the process of connecting the maps and the vocabularies they use to describe alternative economies.
Another sketch roughly describes the process of creating new maps and connecting them to the Transformap architecture. Feel free to ask questions, make comments!

Community Report #7: 25th of August
(Jon Richter) #2

It is a pity you have included the link to a rough sketch which is of almost no significance, but left out the text I had written after creating the visualisation above.

I suppose people would rather read the community report instead of blindly following suggested links.

This sentence also sounded more boring (some more, broadly envision) than inviting, despite the explanation of the diagram at

tried to be concise and short enough for inclusion in the reports.

Should I focus on visuals and leave out explanations at all next time? Because an image alone doesn’t explain its flow of thoughts and the connection of its compartiments.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

you’re right. Feel free to shoot an email to the mailing list with the text, let’s remain agile. You can also edit the report above :slight_smile: