Community Report #7: 25th of August

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##Community buckets were allocated!
This was also the first time we use the co-budget app to faciliate this collective decision-making process. And it worked pretty well (documentation of the process here):

  • Semeoz proposal: 500€ budget
  • Critical Atlas proposal: 600€ budget
  • Barcelona mapping workshop proposal: 400€ budget
  • WSF mapping workshops proposal: 500€ budget

##Transformap at World Social Forum

The community of communities transformaps felt inclined having been invited to a Commons Space around Mapping for Transformation and The City as a Commons. There we met with old compagnons, materialised online contacts and found new local allies in and around Montréal and the North of the Americas.

##Mapping of the maps: data update and next steps
In the past weeks, Adrien invested time in updating the data of the wiki where we inventory the maps of alternative economies; where we are actually building nothing else but an atlas. This atlas has a value in itself to get an overview on the kind of maps that are out there, but it will also be a crucial resource on the long path in networking the maps and commoning their data. Result of the data cleanup, we have for sure 218 maps inventoried.

A community bucket was also allocated to bring closer the work of Maïa (Semeoz) and ours (especially Thomas K.) to make our work more complete and more accessible. Volunteer help (simple edits, wordpress plugins, mediawiki programming) is always welcome and already provided on various layers from within our nichesourcing community.

#Demonstration Testbed

##ETL is in development
ETL: Extract Transform Load. The central piece of Transformap’s technical infrastructure: it will allow the community to extract data from a map, transform it to a minimum standard and load it to the API for display through the Viewer or any other place. This complex piece of software is being developed by James Lewis and his team (@josefkreitmayer can you add a sentenceabout them and the timeline?)

##Viewer is in development
The Transformap viewer idea is to allow you to build your own selection of filters from an ever growing number of existing maps. You can already have a peak here:
@species: could you add a sentence on status, the data source and timeline?

#Projects and Maintenance
##A living paradox in constant untangling
While the efforts have been outstanding of both current civil society bodies that subscribed to stewarding Union and Susy resources, overarching adaptation has been neccessary to keep up with the commissioner’s will.

To untangle remaining strings from this occupation, the team ( :flushed: “boys club” again ) is resorting for the next week to the Degrowth conference in Budapest :sunny: .
In looking forward to convene yet again, we thank @kei for her recent enabling of the Viewer altogether by defending openness and clarity.

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