Coordination thread for 15mmm

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

This thread is archiving the activities of the Coordination Team (@josefkreitmayer @Silke @alabaeye)

(Silke ) #2

@toka @alabaeye @almereyda @josefkreitmayer @daniel @gandhiano @species @kpraetor and whomever will take part in the hackathon these days or belongs to the monkey team: Please have a look at the memo of our coordination meeting:

Our short “wishlist” for he hackathon:

  • please put priority on the landing page as suggested by jon
  • please consider the following (might be obvious for you, but just in case):
    -> accessible for any user
    -> concise
    -> entry door to main links/pages
    -> short section on 15MMM (as the “current topic” issue that will constantly change during the process) and redirect to Discourse

How to make sure the TransforMap infrastructure/ plattform does not depend on one person (ownership)?

15MMM Launch + TransforMap Team
15MMM Launch + TransforMap Team
(Jon Richter) #3

I moved 5 posts to a new topic: 15MMM Launch + TransforMap Team

29.4 ~ 3.5 : Witzenhausen Hackathon : Technical Infrastructure and Development
(Jon Richter) #4

Yesterday morning @toka and me already transferred lots of responsibility from me to him and will include @species very soon.
We’re tracking progress on

15MMM Launch + TransforMap Team
(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #5

We build up a team that is responsible to manage the infrastructure. To the extent of my knowledge, this is what @almereyda started doing as part of the Allmende<>Ecobytes merge.

As for ownership, the Ecobytes model for infrastructure and services is one which is membership-based and inspired by community-supported agriculture. All associates of Ecobytes formally own the infrastructure.

15MMM Launch + TransforMap Team
(Silke ) #6

Here is the memory of our coordination call on May 04.

If sbd. has time to put the most important agreements, that would be awesome. Tnx

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #7

@almereyda This looks very nice, but I don’t have the graphic design skills to do so in such a short time…

I have started to build up the markdown for a toolkit page using StackEdit. Of course if someone fit on design/UI like @kei wants to get something better, then very welcome :slight_smile: