Crowd monitor community contribution

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

@Scrumteam1 apparently we are required to have at least 15 people voting (it is basically 3 questions) about our project, or the project,. I do not fully understand the system to be honest, please have a look:

Dear CHEST Call 3-teams, with
the end of the CHEST project drawing nearer, the final assessment of
your projects is also at hand. Many of you have already submitted their
final reports, yet let me take the opportunity to kindly remind the rest
of you to send your final reports by the end of this week. Your final
reports - especially the social impact and KPI section - will be one of
the major focus point for the EC reviewers in assessing your projects. Another vital focus point will be the assessment of your projects through the CHEST CrowdMonitor.
In order to see where your project currently ranks, I created a
preliminary assessment of your CrowdMonitor voting given so far (see
attached [there is 3 sections, Transformap is in the section, that shows, that no activity happened yet).

There are some projects where the voting activity already
looks good, but there are quite a few where participation is still
relatively poor. You should achieve at least 15 votes for your project from your communities before the end of September (a user can vote again after 5 days waiting). Here’s an overview of the number of votes for each project:

Please login and vote here:

Please invite people to do so. We should mention it in the next community report.

(Jon Richter) #2

It is very fast.
I kind of managed to create an account by filling in my desired details and then clicking Confirm Account.

Afterwards I was able to select the TransforMap project. The assessment is about:

Please state to which extent you agree with the statements listed below by choosing the appropriate scale button.

  • The project implements an appropriate solution to the addressed social problem:
  • The project is likely to reach its goals:
  • The project informs regularly about its progress:

Completely disagree, Rather disagree, Neutral, Rather agree, Completely agree

Once you have clicked the appropriate bullets and voted by clicking the button, the project will disappear from the list and only be available five days later.