Daniel Thompson (denjello) - Leerstandsmelder / Gängeviertel

(Denjello) #1


My name is Denjell and I am a media artist and volunteer at the Gängeviertel in Hamburg. At the moment together with a colleague we are relaunching the leerstandsmelder platform with native apps.

I met “everybody” on Wednesday at the Spreeacker in Berlin - which was nice - if a bit short. I thought I would say hello and see how we can help out with transformap.

Here is my website:


(Thomas Kalka) #2

Hi Daniel, welcome on board.

Could you provide links to the relevant projects (leerstandsmelder).

I know only http://www.leerstandsmelder.de/

How do you keep data in leerstandsmelder up to date ?

(Michael Maier) #3

Hi Daniel,

A new map will be appearing, nice! As the goal of TransforMap is to make maps compatible, could you add (as a first step) an open license to your data? Perfect for later reuse by TransforMap would be Public Domain!

And from my personal OpenStreetMap experience, I want to point you to to the over 10.000 POIs mapped as ‘vacant’ in OSM: see on taginfo *=vacant and vacant=*, and for example Leipzig via Overpass Turbo.

What about the idea of using this already existing open database and building upon it? Like the way wheelmap does?