Data Commons Co-op virtual retreat Feb 5, 2018

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(Noemi Giszpenc) #1

Hello there,

I’d like to invite folks interested in giving a perspective to the Data Commons on how to provide value to constituents to participate in our virtual retreat from 12:30 to 17:30 EST (GMT -5) on Monday 5 of February 2018. If you are interested, please send an email to @alabaeye

Thank you!
Noemi Giszpenc

(Jon Richter) #2

Hi @Noemi_Giszpenc,

I am interested in taking part in the conversation. Yet before switching to private channels, please allow me to ask where I could follow the event documentation online in case of sudden sickness, i.e.?

(Noemi Giszpenc) #3

Hi @almereyda, I haven’t set up an agenda yet, but when I do I’ll post it
to this thread. Thanks for your interest!

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

I’ll be participating too.

(Jon Richter) #5

Nice that you @Noemi_Giszpenc found the good #communities:intermapping category and even helped with self organisation of the Discourse here with that tag.

(Noemi Giszpenc) #6

Hey all, the Agenda for the Data Commons Virtual Retreat is here. We will be meeting by Zoom. I’m still putting together background materials, but they will be linked to from the Agenda.

Anyone with ideas to contribute beforehand on needs that the Data Commons could be meeting, send to or you can find a long list of brainstorm questions in this survey.

Thanks @alabaeye and @almereyda for your interest!

(Jon Richter) #7

Dear @Noemi_Giszpenc,

thanks for providing the resources, which give a better understanding of what your concepts of supporting data commons are about. I feel I have to admit I couldn’t complete the questionnaire, as it is written in a highly positivist language I cannot portain. From the headline of the linked document I come to understand this is a business model development retreat, employing certain sets of key metrics for refining of scope for economically increasing revenue streams?

Just wondering where or how this is related to the commons in data commons. Can the so-called business model map be shared in advance? Eventually it holds the key I am missing.

Thanks for keeping it up, Jon

(Noemi Giszpenc) #8

Thanks @almereyda. Generically, we’ll be using this business model canvas
for co-ops
There are value propositions for customers, community, and workers.

Hope this helps and thanks for your engagement,

(Jon Richter) #9

Thank you Noemi, see you later in the call.

The canvas helps a lot to visualise the agenda.

Even better, the canvas is licensed as Creative Commons and can be freely remixed.

(Noemi Giszpenc) #10

Thanks for participating in the Data Commons retreat, Jon/ @almereyda!

The full notes of the meeting are here
and the mind-map we worked on is here
(sorry, not editable “live”).

Excited to pursue the paths that we discussed today!


CommonBound 2018 network gathering on data sharing!