Data maintenance of our wiki of maps!

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#Updating old entries in wiki of maps
Hey there! I’m updating the old entries of the wiki of maps

  • checking if the fields ‘Resource Type’ and ‘Project state’ are filled with info. For old entries this info is in the field “state (old)” and should be split to the two above-mentioned fields.
  • making sure the categories ‘Topic’, ‘Geographic Coverage’, ‘Tools’ are filled
  • checking if the link/URL is still valid

Any help is welcome!

Why is this important?

  • I am preparing a research article using this data
  • Having a good inventory of maps is going to be crucial in connecting those maps together, or in other words, in making the Transformap vision come to reality.

Additional maps need to be added too in the wiki (check first if not already in wiki): Linkdrop: Maps not yet in map collection

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This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

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Should we update the text to a more general tone than Hey there! for a banner shown during #communities:world-social-forum-2016? Which actually gives me the idea of using this space for another more generalised explanation of what we are doing here in Montréal right now.


Wait and click Full Screen at the furthermost right to get

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Sure, wasn’t thinking about WSF. Generally, I believe, we should use that banner post regularly to bring the attention to the most current stuff. So having a WSF related banner post would be great!
Though, we may need a way to bring to visibility the TODOs, where people willing to help can easily plug in. Any idea? Tags?
Can you write a short entry for the next community report to explain what you’re doing there? And that would be good that the language of that report is more general than: “Revealing unintentional meshworks of tribal swarms”. :wink:

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This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

(Jon Richter) #6

I’m getting anxious when I read this. @toka used xTODO to mark those, which is accessible by the search function. Then you have to aggregate all of those and order them in some form, maybe a list. Tags only apply on the whole thread level and cannot be applied on individual posts. Would Hypothesis come in handy here to annotate conversations?

Yes, this is a useful utility, and it would be nice to have a way to display it on the TransforMap website, too. The Discourse API should allow for this. Then keeping a list of those announcements could also be interesting. In a sense this would turn Discourse into a blogging tool.

Most of this boils down to add anchors to individual postings, or getting back to the maintained wiki workflow more strictly. Next to writing the Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki wikis, next to others.

When is that? And: Thanks for the smiley, but I am not in the mood to be constantly despised for my language. Still I can put some effort to break this narrative down as we did over here. Basically there are multiple combinations to look at for understanding what TransforMap does. The more left, the more concise and precise, the more right the more challanging and ununderstood.

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make no mistake, this isn’t despise, I find your language creative and making me think. But, this is about finding the right language level to address a broad enough audience.