Dates for Intermapping weekend in Berlin, December 2018?

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(Jon Richter) #1

@Intermapping people,

Wikimedia is inviting us into their premises in Berlin, if we prepare an event well. For this they need to know a little bit more about us, why they have asked us to provide (1) a formal application for support including (2) an overview of participating organisations and people.

Due to their frequent enquiry, I am happy to prepare both, but we are back at the beginning with the question of possible dates. Which weekend would you prefer?

  • 07. - 09.12.
  • 14. - 16.12.

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If we agree on a time, we can prepare accomodation and funding applications to third parties. This will be needed for financial support to people arriving from countries other than Germany.

monthly Intermapping - September '18
(Giuliana G.) #2

I have no preference. Both weekends are ok for me.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

thanks for the initiative @almereyda!

(Jon Richter) #4

I have now announced the weekend of December 14. to 16. to Wikimedia and will proceed with providing a draft application in their wiki.

Calling for an Intermapping weekend end of 2018
(Jon Richter) #5