Description Texts in OpenStreetMap

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(Michael Maier) #1

Yes, there is an established key “description” - it is to be used for additional information that doesn’t fit into existing tags. More than ~50 characters are usually only used for very special cases. Theoretical length is 254 characters, but too detailed descriptions are discouraged - better link to an existing website via the “website=” key. Also, no formattings or links are allowed in the “description” value.

“description=” is normally only used if there are no tags to describe further information.
e.g. a text like: “In the community garden (founded 2011) do people meet for gardening, holding workshops, and using the space for events. More information can be found on“ is highly discouraged, because for every piece of information there exists an established tag!

Clear marketing texts are not allowed!

If we would offer a ‘long text’ field, I would prefer to host arbitrary texts on our own systems (the proposed TransforMap Media server), then we don’t have problems like:

  • what texts are allowed
  • length limit
  • we can allow links and formattings in texts

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(Jon Richter) #2

I am thinking more and more of federated wiki here. @toka Can you help me to understand why?