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(TransforMap Collective) #1

We collect general issues and wishes regarding Discourse here.

As soon as a topic growth, we will shift it into a separate thread.

Someone once asked to have a nice toolbar inside this discourse forum in coherence to our other services at transformap.co

2015-11-06/07 IASC Urban Commons Conference (with Deep Dive on 8th)
(Thomas Kalka) #3

I moved 11 posts to a new topic: Discourse: Add nice top bar

(Adrien Labaeye) #14

On discourse.transformap.co, the white background behind the topic disapeared for a few days now. It looks a bit sketchy now. Before was nice… Could we restore it or was there a specific reason to change?
@almereyda @toka ?

(Jon Richter) #15

This happened due to the recent upgrade to Discourse 1.4.0-beta.

I have been digging into this for some hours, by rebuilding the container twice, reprecompiling the assets and manual investigations. Comparing discourse.mozilla-community.org and meta.discourse.org show us there have been changes to the .topic-list CSS, which doesn’t exist anymore.

It would be interesting to find the commit where this is implemented, so one could render the removed parts through SASS and add them back.

For now I had to revert the theme; @toka @species Can we screenscrape and diff those two versions and reapply the result to the Mozilla Sandstone theme?

(Jon Richter) #16

Someone else at Mozilla did this for us. It was really only one line.

(Thomas Kalka) #17

“Reply over this line” in die Email, die zum Reply einlädt, einbauen.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #18

thumbs up for that from my side!

(Jon Richter) #19

Did you try @Team once? You have to wait a little for it to appear.
It currently resolves to @amy, @Michael, @rene, @iramollay, @DagmarE, @simonline, @kei, @wellemut, @DavidBollier, @Giuliana, @alabaeye, @TDoennebrink, @elfpavlik, @species, @EllenFriedman, @josefkreitmayer, @Silke, @toka , but yes, we could send a request to upstream for an inline variant.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #20

does that work?

(Jon Richter) #21

No, you cannot write it inline, but have to write @team, then wait for the pop-up and once shown, press enter.