Documenting the co-budgeting experiment

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This is an account of the process as it unfolded early July 2016.
Most coordination and discussion happened here: Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets


  • A global budget of 2000€ was decided by the Transformap core
    group for the community buckets.
  • 15 days were given to the community to write a proposal on


  • 15 days were given to all members of the community to
    express their interests in participating in the decision-making with the
    co-budget app.
  • Only one person actively expressed interest to participate
    in decision in co-budget app.
  • Facilitator took decision to add all core recent Transformap
    contributors to the co-budget app to make sure the experiment would have a
    decent number of people taking part. It seems those core contributors felt they
    didn’t need to express their wish to participate to have a sport secured
    (entitlement) or may have felt they should leave space to the broader
  • Each of the 8 participants in the decision-making round was
    allocated with 1/8 of the 2000€ budget, i.e. 250€.



  • Extensions of deadline resulted in 2 more days for community
    to register proposals and known individuals/groups with request for funding
    were specifically “pinged”. One group (Metamaps didn’t managed to submit in
  • 6 proposals were submitted. Of which one was hard to relate
    to Transformap’s vision. All proposals were copied from Discourse to CO-budget
  • One proposal was submitted by moderator to proactively
    support a member who was not feeling secure in English.


  • The co-budgeting process itself went very smooth and fast:
    within the 3 given days.
  • 3 proposals reached the funding goal set in the app (between
    600 and 500€). However for two of them this goal was only the first step of a
    higher goal. This was not reflected in time in the app with a complementary proposal.
  • At the end three other proposals were under-funded (100€ and
    25€). For two of them it made their implementation not possible.
  • After some exchange on Discourse, the proposal was made to
    transfer 100€ from one fully funded proposal to the third proposal that was
    under-funded so it could reach 400€.
  • In the end 4 proposals were funded between 400 and 600€.


  • Once the budgeting round has started no new participants can
    take place. It is important to let know people enough in advance and get their confirmation
    they will participate (not to block budget).
  • The co-budget app was not used to discuss the proposals.
    This was done on Transformap’s forum (Discourse) to make sure it would remain
    open to anyone.
  • The funding goals of the buckets should be carefully set as
    once a goal reached, the bucket cannot receive more funds. It would be a good
    practice to always define a minimum funding goal and a higher goal.

You have participated? You see something missing? You disagree? Your feedback is welcome!

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Community Report #7: 25th of August
Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets