Emma Öhrwall - Gothenburg, Sweden

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Hi everyone!

My name is Emma Öhrwall and I’m one of the co-founders of a non profit org. called Kollaborativ Ekonomi Göteborg (Collaborative Economy Gothenburg). We started as a network for one and a half year ago. We organize events, do lectures, creating a map and much more, to enable the Collaborative Economy in Gothenburg.

For the moment we have a map in Google Map but would like to change to an open source and more advanced mapping tool. We are planning to join the Global Map Jam in March and want to change tool then.

At the OuiShare Fest 15 I met Adrien @alabaeye and he told me about TransforMap and I’m now trying to figure out if TransforMap will be our new map system.

The google map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=zSm9rY0VxO_o.k59t_gwNvkfI

We try to find other similar maps cause we need to figure out what kind of functions we need. For the moment we wish: layers/categories and search function. And that it should be responsive and easy to use. Content of the map: events, coworking spaces, swopshops, tool libraries etc.

Thankful for every input :smile:


Funding for developing Transformap pedagogics and events
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Hi Emma! Good that you check in.
My recommendation at this level is that you would just migrate your map to Umap. It will allow to personalize the map a bit more. I can help you doing that.
Here is to kick start: http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/kollaborativa-gbg_69438#11/57.7067/11.9751
I imported the data from your googlemap and recreated the layers (they didn’t stay in the migration for some reason).
You can edit it (like anyone at the moment - we can restrict that if you like) by clicking on the pen on the upper right hand corner.
You could then resort the points to the right layer: click on one point and then choose the right layer from the drop down menu. You can change the colours of the icon for each layer (left on the layer icon and then edit icon for the layer you want to edit). You can look up for nice icons here: https://thenounproject.com/
Once that is done we can think about more :slight_smile:

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Welcome to these circles around alternative economies!

Are you talking about the Shareable Map Jam?

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Wow it’s like magic, thank you! :smile:
Do you know if it’s possible to embed an image?
Is Umap mobile-friendly?

I was trying to catch up and read the tread about the Mapjam, it seems like it’s to early to use Transformap so you will promote Umap instead?


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Yes that’s the Shareable Map Jam I refer to.

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transformap is still trying to define itself :wink:

Some of us think, we will have a default map editor once (you will have to wait for that).
Some of us promote to save everything inside OSM (you might start right now doing that).
Some of us think, community building inside mapping initiatives is most important and every initiative has to find a individual social process, which fits best (the “federated” approach).

Using Umap you can work with Free tools with easy migration from gmaps.

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Are you aware of our mapping directory ?

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let me know if you don’t manage. It’s actually not that difficult.

@Emma_Ohrwall: have you tried redistributing the points to their respective layer? they’re all mixed up.
Note that you have a

  • Short URL to link quickly: http://u.osmfr.org/m/69438/
  • HTML code available to show the map on a website that you can find on clicking on the more button on the left of the map and then the sharing icon.