Engineering Category structure

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Should we add one subcategory for any tool, which we work on ?

That would be

  • discourse
  • semantic wiki
  • iD …
  • JOSM
  • … (extend please)

I also thought about it when creating the second iD thread, but I don’t know actually. Maybe better classes?

  • Map Editors
  • Community Conversations
  • Research & Documentation
  • Publication

From a user perspective, these would be current workflow problems we are trying to solve.

Hm. That would add one layer of indirection.
I would prefer to start with one category per tool and adapt structure, if we gathered to many categories …

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ah, and from the user perspective: yes, but this threads would go to some other place, not engineering ?

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Let’s only start new categories once we gathered a minimum number of threads around one of the editors.
Continuing the discussion from Clean up of Discourse:

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This is somewhat the differentiation between end user documentation and technical documentation, no?


ok. so we agree on creating categories for each individual tool as soon we gather more than one thread for this tool ?

I feel this threshold could be a lot higher, say around four or five. But in my view the activity, diversity and needs of given conversations would only justify (new) categories. I’d take the decision from the tummy, instead of basing it on actual numbers. Aesthetics are not always easily quantifiable.