Extracting machine readable schema from OSM

Does anyone know of a way to extract or pull together collections of tags about topics from OSM? That would gather just tags related to a Feature (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Category:Features)? I can see its possible to get a database dump from taginfo, but that’s everything in one.

Nice reading of you again more often lately here and there.
During the http://dossier.allmende.io/WitzSprint, @species led me towards an extract of the OSM wiki which lives at

and currently seems inaccessible.

@species Are there any other OSM tools which work on the used tags in the geo database, for example?

Most info is pulled from taginfo. E.g. iD does it, when suggesting values for keys - it does it on the fly, maybe look in its Javascript code for the API usage?

I would have also suggested the OSM_Semantic_Network … @almereyda would it be possible to set up the SPARQL endpoint ourselves? Do we have the resources needed?

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Not yet.