Feature request: Add vegan only to organic maps


We should add the vegan field to the filters.

Would it be possible to add a visual sign for vegan=only in addition to the coloring by organic ?
This could be a colored ring around the icon.

Or, more general: the filters could be made movable up and down by dragging.
The first filter would select coloring of the inner part, the second filter would select coloring of a fist ring around the icon.

Hm, moving and prioritizing filters would be complicated, I guess.

Adding a vegan filter shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve opened a github issue.

I would propose to make a ‘dietary’ map instead, where we colour according to the “diet:vegan” tags:
green: vegan=yes/only/limited
yellow: vegetarian=only/yes
orange: vegetarian=limited

So it would be something like http://veggiekarte.de/, only with nicer popups and filters :wink:

As a first part, I’ve added Veggie Filters, now deployed on demo.transformap.co :smile:
Without coloring, but you can filter now for vegan, vegetarian, non-veggie (and status unknown )

See http://demo.transformap.co/organic.html#15/47.0723/15.4398 and click on Filters -> Veggie Diet.