Federated wiki for editorial agility

(Jon Richter) #1

Hi Ellen and Mathieu,

I am writing to you on the TransforMap Discourse, to keep the conversation strings attached to the mapping process. What else if not a mapping of various layers is also a Federated Wiki.

Digestion and documentation of the last week are still ongoing, also active jet lagging, but I didn’t want to miss the connection for a federated writing workshop about the

While Kevin was murmuring about Örsan and some miscommunication yesterday.

Ward Cunningham (link to Twitter) is going to publish the hangout link tomorrow around 15 minutes before 10am in Portland, your noon or 1pm, my 7pm.

The links are also regularily updated in the Frequently Asked Questions (link to a federated wiki).

I hope this keeps the conversation going for now and eventually until tomorrow!


(Jon Richter) #2

(Jon Richter) #3

(Ellen Friedman) #4

Hi Jon,

Thanks for letting me know about the hangout. I won’t be able to join the hangout today since I’m still traveling. I’m in Cleveland visiting my daughter and son-in-law and getting ready to head out to the museum to see works by Frida Kahlo. I’m heading back home to Austin on Friday.

I haven’t checked in with Orsan or looked at the updated charter pad. I probably won’t do that until I’m back home.

I really enjoyed connecting and hanging out with you!


(Jon Richter) #5

Best @EllenFriedman,

glad you got back to this. Please note I have since turned this conversation into a public discussion within the TransforMap discourse, to also add @matthieu_rheaume_mat and allow other interested parties to follow the conversation.

The next federated wiki Hangout would be tomorrow at the same time as stated above. Please feel free to join, if it suits you.

I would like to go on following the two routes we established during WSF:

  • Producing a distributed writing process for a Global Commons Charter
  • Putting small Patterns from the game card harvest into federated wikis and watching how they fit

It was a very special time over there. I am very glad this happened.

Thanks so far,


(Ellen Friedman) #6

Thanks, @almereyda. Hi @matthieu_rheaume_mat. It’s good to see you again so soon!

What kind of support can I give for the distributed writing process?