Festival of the Commons

(Jon Richter) #1

I am reviving this thread, as I am coming to Athens for http://commons.gr beginning of October and investigate contacts to get in touch with during this time.

Theodoros Karyotis @Teo
(Theodoros Karyotis) #2

Hey there,
I am actually based in Thessaloniki, not Athens.
I might travel to attend the commons festival in October, not sure yet.
There are many interesting people I could refer you to, but they will be among the organisers of the conference. Chances are you will meet them there.


(Jon Richter) #3

Hi @Teo,
I have now finally booked my travels to Athens and would be glad to receive your recommendations about whom to talk to, once there. Will we also be able to meet?
Sincerely, Jon

(Jon Richter) #4

My visit is now being documented in http://athens.2017.federated.wiki