Filters now released!

Hi all,

after 45+ hours of work dedicated to the filter-feature, I am proudly releasing the filters :smile:

You can now filter every demo map based on our needs, identities, mode of interaction as well as some additional criteria like wheelchair accessibility.

In the sidebar, click on “Filters”, open a category:

  • There you see a lot of checkboxes, which you can click. The number besides them shows the number of POIs of the current map view affected by the filter.
  • Clicking on the (?) besides a filter shows the long description from our taxonomy.
  • A POI stays on the map as long as any filter in each category matches. E.g. you wonder why a restaurant stays if you uncheck “provides: food & drink”? Maybe it has also free Wifi, which is then still matched by our “provides: telecommunication”. Even if you’re not hungry, you can still satisfy your hunger for Internet there :wink: .
  • An you can combine filters from different categories - e.g. to find places to eat for wheelchair users, check only “provides: food & drink” from the “Needs” and in “Wheelchair accessible”, uncheck “no” and “Unknown”.

A good place to try out the filters is the Regional Map of Graz

If you have feedback, this is the right thread!

Have fun :smiley:

and I am the first to say CONGRATS!

Super @species

I’ll use part of this explanation to explain how the taxonomy works and why it is based on needs