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Dear colleagues,
I want to inform you about measures I took, in case something would happen to me, so that our work could continue almost seamlessly in relation to current fundings entrusted to Get Active and myself on behalf of TransforMap.

As nothing is going to happen : ) you can also forget about this, simply to let you know.

  • My family members are instructed to inform the Get Active Board.
  • The Board of Get Active is instructed to forward all incoming transactions to Ecobytes.
  • I wrote a statement of last will, which includes Get Active, so to make sure, that no harm would lay on its board members, if any project would fail.
  • My email account will get opened to the Get Active board by our webmaster to handle as they see best fit (nevertheless, I would be so so so thankful for any TransforMap email-address, so that I can simply focus, and have extra security).
  • Gualter as well as the general Ecobytes email-address would get informed by our board.
  • You would have to inform partners, as the Get Active board is not well enough informed.

Just to let you know,
just to make sure, in unlikely (hopefully : ) case, to mitigate possible collateral.

: )


Can we have an additional contact to another human from Get Active, reachable in Austria for emergency requests?

Would this be Rainer from ?

Yes, as well you could also contact Lukas he is responsible and competent for our financial administration.

Daniel is travelling and does currently know the least about the project. In general, they do not know a lot and trust my work and reports, so it would not make a lot of sense contacting my colleagues now.