This is the place, where we coordinate the testmapping that takes place in Finland between and TransforMap:

city/place: ?
mapping tools used: ?
taxonomy the #15mmm testmapping is based upon
TransforMap contact: @SIlke ; Silke Helfrich
Contact in Finland: @tuomo ; Tuomo Alhojärvi
maps generated during the testmapping:

More about

Hi Silke!

Answering to your questions:

Yes, we’re communicating about daily with Ruby on this issue. We’re currently working with transforming our mapping tool (which has been just a Google questionnaire) into sth that fits into TransforMap (or gathers the right data).

We’ve also been pondering about the consent of actors; ie. whether we want the actors to self-identify and give their permission to be added onto the map? And now I guess the answer is yes; which also feeds into our target of using the tool as a step towards a better-functioning network of actors in Finland.

I’ll talk with Ruby today and let’s see what next steps we can take.

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Tnx @tuomo
So good to see how everything comes together, step by step. Greetings to the crowd!
Once you’ve made a decision about which tool to use (from ours) or how to apply your tool to the TransforMap taxonomy and gather the right data, please post it here.
This is the space I will have an eye on and gather the relevant information to keep our peers informed about how the testmapping goes.
@species: pls add the information you find relevant for the finish testmapping process to the main post.

@tuomo: four more things:

  • please encourage your peers to register on discourse if they have questions, they are invited to ask them here
    just go to +newtopic and ask your question -> this will help other testmapping processes too
  • do you have a focus on a certain region/ place/ city in Finland, that would be great for the testmapping as our goal is to densly map ALL the alternatives on a certain place, to see how it works (I’ll update the main post then) (this is only for the next 4 weeks; you can of course map where you want to map, but we need your feedback until June 15.
  • we’ve opened a thread for your feedback: @species -> cannot find it, would you mind putting it hereI know it’s there since this morning, but where? actually it’s hard for my to find posts on discourse even if I know they are there and use the search funktion
  • finally: do you need any further support? Are there any financial urgencies?

There are two places for feedback:

  • about the iD editor, start a new topic with your question here.
  • for common questions about the testmapping, use or extent our FAQ.

Thanks @Silke, and sorry for the delay in answering.

To answer your questions: Our mapping is mostly based in Helsinki, but we would like this mapping to connect to a real community-building exercise here in Finland. That’s why we haven’t found a way to map all alternatives in this city, because we’d like the ones that join to really be committed to the process of convergence and finding out common ground that enables cooperation. This also means that we haven’t been Helsinki-centered, although this is where most of our work is done, because we feel that the key thing is to let anyone interested to join our process. But if this approach is against the TransforMap idea, then we need to reconsider, of course.

But I can’t quite grasp how it would be possible to map ALL the alternatives if we still want them to self-identify as belonging to the process… By walking door-to-door and asking all the potential actors (and I guess most small(ish) economic actors are potentially “alternative” enough, in their own way) if they want to join? This is unfortunately at the moment beyond our resources, so for now we need to stick with this web-based questionnaire we have, and hoping it will yield fruitful data for mapping. (Maybe this question would rather be FAQ material, or…?)

I will look in to the financial support possibility from another thread I just found, let’s see if our work could benefit from that. But at the moment I think it’s rather time resources that we’re lacking… And I guess there’s nothing the TransforMap community can do about that. :slight_smile: We’ll manage!

Thanks @species, will do so when questions arise!

Hi @tuomo: it is clearly not. Whomever wishs to use our tools and platforms is cordially invited to do so for its own purposes and processes. The idea to map ALL alternatives on a rather small/focussed area is just one we invite our partners to consider during our testmapping process. As this would generate concentrated feedback for us. But this is just an invitation; if you move forward differently, that’s perfectly fine.

good idea, open a FAQ,
another FAQ I am considering is this: Why is the TransforMap taxonomy based on needs, interactions and self-identification of communities? I guess it would be important to explain this explicitely. What do you think? @tuomo

Hi @tuomo, just wanted to point you to this new post re: bulk imports if needed.