From Marauder's Map to Convene

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Taken from the chatlogs of, we have a description for a “yunity contributors map” that resembles to the Marauder’s Map known from the Harry Potter franchise.

Image taken by @DougInAMug

This is the yunity contributors map (α-version). If you want to let others know where you are and where you will be you can share your future and current location here (marker). And your future travel routes (polyline). If you want to know the location of others you have the option to check the map. You will get a more detailed description on how to use the map if you click ‘about’ (bottom left).
This is just the first version of the map. It would be nice if a lot of you share their location so we can check how the map setup works (how messy it gets).

This effort concludes preliminary work around an anticipatory, uncertain and distributed real-time mapping of peers’ locations. This was demoed at Elevate festival in 2013 under the name DSpace-NG (GitHub, Apollo-NG and is further on pursued under codename Convene.

WuppDays (#12) Witzenhausen
Transformap Community Report #9 - November 2016
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demo from Elevate 2013

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Please read this conversation with responses from the broader transformaps community:

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