Funding for developing Transformap pedagogics and events

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(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #1

With the emergence of a rich ecosystem of tools and services in Transformap, and the first pilot experiences (SuSy, Kassel), I see a need to further disseminate the efforts of populating the databases, while at the same time refining the tools and facilitating their use.

This project has been maturing for a while, but only last week I had time to sit down and type in a synopsis for a project on a pad. The idea is to submit an Erasmus+ application for a strategic partnership on adult education (submission deadline March 29th), to support:

a) interoperability, usability and polishing of the existing tools to make them user-friendly
b) development of documentation and materials for site builders and end users
c) development of methodologies and concepts for organising workshops (e.g. mapping events, VoCamps, …)
d) training and mapping workshops
e) mobility (to meetings, events)

The project can provide a valuable contribution to the Transformap community and ecosystem, by improving, coupling and extending the existing services, while enlarging it through the funding to a series of events to be organised in a time frame of up to 3 years (starting on September 1st 2017 - feel welcome to brainstorm on events within the Transformap community, which could benefit from funding).

What you can do to support this effort:

  • Read and contribute to the pad, where the application content can be collaboratively developed
  • Suggest partners that could fit and join this application
  • Add a second pair of experienced hands to help on with the overall application development and edition

The main communication channel is the #ecobytes-networks matrix channel (voice calls also possible).

cc @mattw @jnardi @orschiro @SamRossiter @michalis_iliosporoi @marcos_abyz @Silke @lilli @winne @martinderm

(Robert Orzanna) #2

@gandhiano I will let you know next week if SCORAI can join as a partner.

Thanks for your work!


(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #3

That would be amazing. Looking forward for it @orschiro.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #4

I can forward an invitation for partnership to the SUSY-partners, if you like?
If interested, just send me an email with the invitation, and I forward it to the list.

best wishes

(Jon Richter) #5

This thread is the invitation.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #6

@Emma_Ohrwall, would the Collaborative Economy Gothenburg be interested in joining as a partner?

I was pointed to your profile by @almereyda after starting a quest for a Swedish partner who could take part in this project and support a connection to the upcoming Degrowth Conference in Sweden (Lund University, with whom the main organizers are associated, was originally planned, but the short time available for a formal agreement on such big institutions blocked this attempt).

This could be a great opportunity to address the issues you relate on another post. Your success/fail stories themselves be a valuable contribution to the project aims and outputs.

If you see some potential in moving with this, or have any questions, please drop me a line here or directly chat/talk on the matrix channel.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #7

@orschiro and @Emma_Ohrwall - I need to close up the line-up of partners tonight. Will wait for your answer until around dinner, then finishing the partners onboarding.

(Robert Orzanna) #8


I haven’t yet had the time to speak to my colleague at SCORAI.

We have scheduled a call for Friday in a week.

Earlier wasn’t possible, I am afraid.



(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #9

Hi @orschiro, I’m afraid Friday will be too late to board in any further organisations (the partners finding/board in was already extended several days). By Friday a first application draft, including a tentative program of activities and outputs should be already sent for revision by the partners, and major changes in the structure or distribution of tasks will not be possible to make anymore.

You are nevertheless welcome to think if you like to join the organisation of (or propose) any specific activity at one or more of the partners country, if this fits you. Also, as an “associated partner”, we could involve SCORAI in the consulting and development of the outputs - unfortunately then just without the adequate funds to pay personnel.

(Robert Orzanna) #10

This sounds good to me!

I will get back to you after the call with my colleague!


(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #11

the application for “CoMap: Collective Mapping for learning in transformation” has been successfully submitted. RIPESS, Solidarius Italy, Research & Degrowth, Iliosporoi, Ecolise, FCiencias.ID (Rede Convergir / Lisbon University) and Ecobytes joined in the partnership, so we have an interesting and broad network for extending our collaborative mapping efforts.

Lets keep finger crossed. And even if the project doesn’t get through, the effort of coming together to work on the application, aligning ideas and seeing how much we need/want this project from the different sides was already worthwhile, imho.

(Robert Orzanna) #12

Thank you for the update!

Meanwhile, I spoke to my colleague at SCORAI and there is a general interest to work together on disseminating wider topics of sustainable lifestyles and consumption.

Maybe we can have a separate call next week to talk about some potential next steps?