GeoHack for Wikipedia

Hello there,
does anyone know the project Geohack within the wikipedia labs?

I found it by coincidence and find it interesting. It is not sure, if it is still running propperly, or how important or relevant for development it could be, but I think it is worth considering how to integrate/interact in the long run, especially as we had discussions of integrating wikidata.

Here some links, and descirptions about them:

this is how I found it by clicking on a map-link within wikipedia:√ľtzten_Objekte_in_W√∂lbling&title=Ortskapelle%20Hausheim,%20Hausheim

Searching for more information, if found some comments from 2014, that indicate something is not running smooth, or changes were comming up at that time:

Gehoack is also mentioned on the wiki-site of OSM about the collaboration with Wikipedia, but the link from there is not working anymore:

here, geohack and coordinators can be found in the list of Wikimedia Labs hosted tools: