Get people on board

(Thomas Kalka) #1

Every one who considers to contribute to TransforMap: please answer this social ping

You can read more about social ping here.

(Adrien Labaeye) #2

I am specifically pinging @josefkreitmayer @species @almereyda @silke

(Josef Kreitmayer) #4

I have no Idea how I subscribe to a category…

(Thomas Kalka) #5


I hope, that is clear enough.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #6

Actually, I just noticed, that my question was the wrong one. How do I subscribe to a conversation/topic, like this thread, or can I just subscribe to a category?

Nice screencast by the way!

@toka: for example, the regional category is quite overwhelming, if I need to subscribe to the whole category and get all the news of all regions. That is too much communication noise.

(Silke ) #7

@toka -> schicke doch bitte diese schöne Aufforderung etwas ausführlicher über die Mailingliste. Das wäre doch mal ein Anfang, um die Diskussion hier rauszuholen :slight_smile: und gleichzeitig den einführenden Link zu #15mmm zu verbreiten

(Thomas Kalka) #8


(Thomas Kalka) #9

You will subscribe to every single topic, wich you have read for mor than two minutes, automatically.
An other option is to add a star to relevant topics.
You then can access all your starred topics on one page.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #10

In the Engineering group @almereyda is is difficult to distinguish what is going on, as it is one big lump of stuff. Many solutions as opengreenmaps, shareNsave and others have interesting developments going on outside of transformap, but it is difficult to post, as it is not directly relevant within active working areas.

(Thomas Kalka) #12

You want to talk about issues, which do not have an own thread ?
Create new threads, when needed.

If you do not find a suitable category then use the lounge. We will move it to an appropriate category (or create one), if we learn more about the topic …

When choosing a category for new thread, do not think about thematic issues, but better about the target group of listeners, which you want to address. Don’t expect much response yet: we are in the early stages of community building.

Invite appropriate people to your threads in discourse by sending an appropriate invitation.
Do not copy all your input from the thread to your invitation, since then you will create two places of discussion.

(Thomas Kalka) #16

josef, could you rework your question to an answer ?
I would delete all the conversation and create a FAQ entry out of it, but I want you to show up in this thread :wink:

(Josef Kreitmayer) #17

@toka ich nehm es auf die todo. hab grad große veranstaltung diese woche und in 3 wochen. da sind grad wesentliche Weichenstellungen. werde schauen, ob ich in einer woche dazu komme.


PS: hab da nicht wirklich überblick, bin auch nicht so fit in discourse.