Glossary about the transition

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(Jon Richter) #1

The people around Karte von Morgen - Ideen³ / @wellemut - are presenting a glossary of the transition movement at

This is an exemplary collection of terms that are noteworthy when talking about the diverse approaches to changing the economic narratives.

It also includes a map view for each of the terms, filtering the central map at

(Helmut) #2

It will be presented personally by the software developer Heiko Hoffman on Saturday at the Lab 2019

(Benjamin Brownell) #3

Great looking project. And already spread to several local chapters - impressive organizing! Was there a pre-existing network that this effort grew out of, or is it mostly built up in the last three years?

And they are experimenting with a peer to peer rating system - very brave :slight_smile:

I will have to look closer and understand the Pilot role that is I guess curating local maps. Inspiring. I like this a lot. Close to some ideas I want to apply in the US.

Still a big question about who gets to define and update the taxonomy, and what values, principles, outcomes, and ‘theory of change’ it is based on.