Go Fair!

@jnardi presented http://www.go-fair.eu yesterday.
As Jason described, it also has an editor to add new POIs to the map.

Could definitely be worth a technical conversation!
Best, documented here in discourse : )

It is

  • a web-app
  • runs on android
  • runs on iOS

Do we know where they uploaded their source code?

I just had a call and yet another inspirational conversation with Jason Nardi @jnardi about SSE Criteria for SSEDAS.

Jason also mentioned current development of Go Fair. The developers would be really interested to cooperate. He will bring them in the conversation in the next days.

Main Developer of go fair

  • Jacopo Cappelli
  • Keepup.pro
  • a designer was mentioned, but could not capture it.

requests to go fair from the lead partners of the app

  • make go fair integrateable in other websites

Early next year will come the prioritization for the developments. Meantime bugfixing and improvements are done.

basic concept: make integrateable in other websites

  • have different communities have different design, but dig from the same database
  • template approach (enable the possibility of having different templates based on one framework)
  • colour coding
  • logo
  • filters
    • e.g. just filter those, that have the network wfto (world fair trade organization)

backend infrastructures / servers at work currently

  • mandrill for mass mailings
  • server to cache images
  • is designed to be scalable

somee tech-specs

  • Turtle

positive Feedback to the app from a first view.

  • I really like the “add a place” approach on the app.
    As it is an app, it should also be connected to an authentication process of the app store, as I suppose.
  • The design is simple, nice and well structured


  • The map seems to load rather slow, what is that based on?

Hello Jason,

It would be great, if you could invite Jacopo to the conversation, or provide his emailadress, so we can get in contact. The app is currently not in the focus of the development, as we focus on setting up the database infrastructure, but as that is interconnected with the app, it could be really helpful, to already get in conversation.

best regards,

I see the interface is in a very rough state, but the backend would be interesting to examine, especially as the use of RDF is suggested.

Additionally, their notion of an organizational profile can help us thinking about shared vocabularies.


@jnardi invited Jacobo the programmer in the conversation via Email.

Would you like to invite him to a google hangout our another form of online meeting? In can forward the email conversation that currently stopped after my invitation to discourse.