This is the place, where we coordinate the the testmapping that might take place in Greece.

city/place: tbd
mapping tools used: tbd
taxonomy the #15mmm testmapping is based upon
TransforMap contact: @Silke (Silke Helfrich) and @gandhiano (Gualter Battista)
Contact in Greece: @Teo (Teo Karyotis) + evt. @Scimonoce
maps generated during the testmapping: tbd

Hello Beautiful people,

I am going to be in Greece for the next 6 months and I have some contact there.
I also speak fluently Greek so just tell me…what do you need?
Spreadhseet with names, descriptions, … me to present the project in Greece?
Here Something for you

I am in contact with them on Twitter asking an email and trying to bring them in? Or…

Tell me and I will see how to support.

Hi, This is Teo from Thessaloniki. I have been previously involved in mapping projects, and I have a good knowledge of commons endeavours, especially in the north of Greece. So I could test drive the map soon.

So, let me know how I can have access to the upload page, and to the map itself.

Hello Theo you could also check the map I sent and get in touch with the people of the omicron they are greeks…
Kai ego boro na doso mia kheri ama thes kai ama den einai problima gia mia italida apo tin notia italia na boitisei ligo sto map tis Ellada alla mono ama sinfoneis!

Elpizo tha to kanoume kai mazi! Eh!

Erkomai Ellada epomeni ebdomadaaaaa! Ama tha eisai athina tha bretoume kai ola, tha esai sto commons fest?

Ade geia!


Hi Simona, there is also the massive mapping project of and of course the mapping done by SYRIZA-funded Solidarity4all.
However the criteria for inclusion are different in every project, depending on its political orientation.
I tried test-uploading some stuff through the wiki, but I cannot find a comprehensive explanation of all the criteria, terms and categories. If you find something please point me towards it.

I will indeed travel to Athens for the commonsfest. I am speaking on Saturday at 17.30, hope to meet you there.

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Ok I had something similar from Italy and I added them in the "Collection of Mapping Ressources - here you can add existing maps and other mapping resources that are relevant for TransforMap"
you find it in the home page and than it gives you a form to fill in.

It told me that the entries have to be accepted by the moderator to be visible…I am not very good at it, first time using it…I trust in a feedback but this is what I did…filled in the form with the info from the Website and in some cases translated in English and than clicked on Save…

Ela re! Ti orea! Tora tha sto programma gia ti milas! Fantastiko re! Ton xereis o Thomas Anemos?
Tha da poume sto Commons!


Hi Dominik, is there a comprehensive explanation of categories and terms for the project overall? If there is one please point me to it. My experience says that a standardised explanation of what each term means and each category includes is imperative to create a coherent project., Otherwise the project depends on individual interpretations of each contributor and ends up being uneven.

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@Teo one of our main goals it to work toward such shared vocabulary.

@species could you start an overview about pages, collecting work an the taxonomy ?

I’ve created an overview page about our taxonomy in the vocabularies-and-data category.

Hi @Teo you asked about the upload page. Currently, there are complementary three tools to enter data as described in the FAQ about tools.

Great you are pointing this out. The idea is exactly that we can include a broad range. Depending on the political orientation, you can filter the data accordingly.

Have a look at the overview page as pointed out by @species or directly in the OpenStreetMap wiki. If something is unclear or if you have ideas about how to extend it, please let us know. Ideally on the overview page.

About the location of the maps: The basic idea is that anyone can create a map with the information at interest to herself or himself. Four examples are linked directly on the start page of transformap

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Hello everybody,

I was thinking and prposing even for itsly yo create sectoral discussions for taxonomy.
As far as i understood this map is an inclusive one and experts in commons like theo could ba an amazing resource for creating and deepening the commons taxonomy, i am more expert about communities, ecovillages and sustainable settlements over than transition experiments so i could give an hand there…

Joseph tols it could be an intersting solution, is someone implementing it?
Is ther a discussion group about taxonomy somewhere?

Big hug


You are invited to leave suggestions and feedback in this category. But be aware that we don’t want to start a lengthy discussion about every single suggestion now, but collect them until the end of 15MMM and start discussions on the TransforMap meeting in June (18/19).

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Ehineverything solved

@silke shared with me a page i never saw and everything is more clear for me now,



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@Teo @Silke Gave me this…enlightening i would say!


Hope this helps also…


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@Teo I’ve added the OSMwiki @Scimonoce just pointed you to (which is the same wiki @dreusser already mentionned in his reply to you) where each term we use in the taxonomy has a short explanation to the main post above; so you can always access it easily.

I have three questions:

  1. Did you already have a look at our tools? And if so, do you have any preferences to use one of them in a test-mapping effort?
  2. For testmapping purposes it would be great to focus on a place/ a city/ a small region - whatever and then do high-density mapping on all the alternatives we’ve already in our taxonomy and many more that might exist. Do you think, this is possible?
  3. Do you think, we could still do sth. at CommonsFest, at least spread the news about TransforMap. If you see George Papanikolau there, greetings - he might be aware of this; I’ll drop him a note via e-mail.
    Chugging along with Patterns of Commoning now :slight_smile:

Hi Silke,

Thanks for the taxonomy list, I had bumped into it already while browsing through the site. It is quite helpful.

I will be at the commonsfest, I will at least spread the word about Transformap through word-of-mouth.

I only used the wiki tool.

I have a lot of work and a bit of travelling ahead of me, so it will be some time before I can give a serious test-drive to the mapping interface, in any case I will keep you updated on this.

I will send your greetings to George!

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You may also want to have a look at the

unMonasterian mapping and the commons workshop.

It’s tomorrow afternoon from 15:00 - 16:30 in the YARD.

So just before your talk :smile:

via :clipboard: 2015-05-16: Commons Fest in Greece

Hey people
we also have this ongoing mapping exercise since 2011

also Free and Real have developed this mapping project


@michalis_iliosporoi Thank you. Would you try to enter it yourselve into our collection of mappings at ?

In Greece there is the phantastic Free and Real project + several places of the Telaithrion Design project. Please @species and @toka, have a look at this
(hm, I know, their website needs a redesign).

Go to “dots” (einer der Reiter auf der Hauptseite). There you’ll find a map of the “The Telaithrion Project” free and real design spots, based on google if I am not mistaken.
Any way to connect this (bulk import) to TransforMap?
@simona @teo