GreenMap Munich Import complete

(Michael Maier) #1

Hi all,

The import of 320 POIs from GreenMap Munich into OpenStreetMap is now complete. Thomas Schwab from BenE München provided us an Excel file (see csv on GitHub) with very complete data.

The import proposal has been presented on the local Bavaria mailing list. There was a short discussion if 300 manually checked POIs do qualify as import: with the tendency to no, if they are manually checked. So this time, there was no import page created and the import carried out by my normal OSM user account.

The iteration steps were:

  • As the “description” field was used for a lot of other information like fax-numbers, websites etc, we let an intern correct the source dataset and move the information to the correct columns.
  • As some of the descriptions where quite long, we didn’t import them - I would like to link them back later when the “linking data” functionality is implemented in the demo maps.
  • Expansion of abbreviated street names via Nominatim with our geocoding script (see GitHub)
  • First check of POI plausibility (via given coordinates and address, OSM address and aerial) (9h)
  • latitude and longitude were swapped in a few cases
  • 8 entries did have a duplicate second entry
  • 11 were located wrongly ~100m up to 2.8km
  • according to their homepage, 2 were already closed
  • there were 2 not suitable (No GreenMap tagging equivalent tags in OSM: “Sunrise Set” on Olympiaberg, and “Birdwatching” on Ismaninger Speichersee)
  • There were 10 that couldn’t be verified via address or aerial, these were collected in a UMAP an sent to Thomas for manual check
  • Merging the ‘good’ POIs with OpenStreetMap manually (another 9h)
  • After Thomas moved the POIs on Umap, there were still 3 left where the address didn’t match the one given on the website, or the website was down.
  • For the three left, Thomas checked them personally (on the ground or via phone): 1 was already closed, one company did move to a new address, one club did have a new postal address (de:Vereinsanschrift).

So in the end we did add 197 objects, and added attributes to already existing 115 objects. A little statistic about the POIs:

  • 73 clubs
  • 42 companies
  • 16 “organic” tagged objects
  • 18 “regional” tagged objects
  • 9 “fair trade” objects
  • 11 “second hand” objects
  • 75 “green” objects tagged with “topic=environment”

Thomas Schwab RCE BenE Muenchen
(Michael Maier) #2

Update: A user commented on the changeset - he spotted two errors:

  • A seemingly wrong housenumber (42097 instead of “3-4”)
  • A typo in the POI name I missed (Kutlurjurte → Kulturjurte), and he’s unsure if this POI exists any more (POI website is also down).

I sent Thomas the corrections and asked him if he knows the current status of the “Kulturjurte”.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

Is there a plan to show those POIs under demo.transformap?

(Michael Maier) #4

Currently - as GreenMap didn’t use our TransforMap taxonomy (with the identity tag) - they are scattered across the various other maps like the organic map, the fair-trade map etc.

But yes, we have a plan! In the future, it should be possible to display POIs from a predefined list out of OSM. More information can be found in this GitHub issue.
So each contributing partner will be able generate a map with hand-picked POIs out of TransforMap/OSM.

When this feature is implemented, we will for sure also generate a TransforMap GreenMap :slight_smile: