Gualter Baptista @gandhiano

Gualter Barbas Baptista holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and a doctoral degree in Environmental Sciences, specialized in Ecological Economics and Political Ecology. He is actively engaged in civil society movements around environmental, climate justice, food and economics discourses since more than 15 years and has accumulated experience in agile methodologies by working with grassroots communities on hybrid techno-social projects.

As the Director of Ecobytes he works as project and events manager for several non-profit organisations in the fields of transition and degrowth. Currently he is working as the international coordinator of the EU education project “GROWL - Learning More, Growing Less” ( He teaches at the University of Kassel on “The Limits of Growth: Perspectives for Agriculture” and is a member of the Editorial board of the journal “Ecología Política” (

Other ongoing projects:

  • (Drupal architect and lead development)
  • (project management)
  • (process maintainer)
  • Transition Town Witzenhausen (project and “community organiser” for the hacker-, maker- and co-working space and citizens’ participation initiatives)

Some recent and past projects worth mentioning:

  • Fourth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity (core organiser, IT coordinator) [2013-14]
  • UnvergEssbar Konferenz (project management and fundraising) [2013]
  • Beyond Our Backyards (international coordination and fundraising) [2011-13]

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