Hackathon and Mappathon in Minsk 10. – 19. August

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(Helmut) #1

Dear Transformap-Partners

You are all warmly invited to join a hackathon and mapathon in Minsk this summer!
The Belarussian Initiative “Falanster” wants to map transformation and civil initiatives in Belarus with the help of kartevonmorgn.org

We will meet for one week, improve the map and link the databasis to wikidata.

Apply now! https://blog.vonmorgen.org/en/hackathon-mapathon-in-minsk/

All traveling expanses are funded by the federal ministry of Germany


(Florian Egermann) #2

Looking forward! Does anybody know where to buy tickets for the night train (i have to travel separately, unfortunately)? Thanks!

(Helmut) #3

You find them on bahn.de. There is one train per week

Helmut Wolman

(mailed on the move)
Mobil: 0049-15734448245

(Florian Egermann) #4

Did not realise that they are not daily. Thanks!

(Philipp Daniel Unger) #5

Thanks for the invitation Helmut,
Jessica and I will join the Mappathon.
Just prepared the visum stuff.
I am planning to make a radio feature about the story.