Hackathon logistics

From the standup log:


we need to agree on costs and get tickets going
1 or 2 days planning in first week

@species can you be in Witzenhausen on the 7th?

@alabaeye could be there in the 2nd week

technic decision for the geo-database is set for the 8th (might be a little later that week, but for the beginning of the meeting)

@almereyda how about you?

If it is really needed…
Do you have any specific trains in mind, what would be my departure time?

@species I browsed trains, and basically they cost the same, so you can
choose. I think you would prefere overnight. I think you got more insight
on possibilites form Graz to Witzenhausen, as some offers do not go all way.

@josefkreitmayer in fact, I do prefer traveling during the day. From my experience, I can’t get much sleep in night trains anyway. So I would prefer to use the time for work.

It’s ok. Also @almereyda will be travelling on the 8th. @josefkreitmayer please buy the tickets for both so that we are ready to start at 18:00 with a small round getting to the topic of the geodatabase, and then go to dinner.

Yes, I am free to come from February 8 'til 20.
I am happy with any arrival train, but would like to be back in Berlin the late afternoon for a friend’s 30th birthday party later on.

hello @almereyda, good to hear from you! : )

which date are you writing about?



please send me the information on the trains you want to take?

SSEDAS is getting worrysome (partially), and 15mmm needs to be finalized.

thank you!

My preferred train to Witzenhausen would be (via bahn.de):

  • ab Mo, 08.02.16 05:45 Graz Hbf
  • via Munich, Kassel
  • an 16:34 Witzenhausen Nord

When booked now, €99.-

Back from Witzenhausen Nord on Sunday, 21.2.

  • either at 09:23 via Kassel, Linz or
  • at 11:23 via Kassel, Munich

both €99.-

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booked and delvered to your mailbox.
please make sure to carry your credit card as identification document.
for the return-trip I took the earlier one, as I know, you are an early bird! :smile:

thank you for swift processing.

Please use the dates from above:

@josefkreitmayer asked me to specify travels I’d be happy with. As follows:

Mo, 08.02.16

Berlin-Schöneweide (S) 10:58
Witzenhausen Nord 14:37

Berlin-Schöneweide (S) 11:53
Witzenhausen Nord 15:37

Berlin-Schöneweide (S) 12:58
Witzenhausen Nord 16:37

Sa, 20.02.16

Witzenhausen Nord 13:20
Berlin-Schöneweide (S) 17:08

Witzenhausen Nord 14:20
Berlin-Schöneweide (S) 18:08

Witzenhausen Nord 15:20
Berlin-Schöneweide (S) 19:08

Each of these connections will do.
All in total EUR 58,00.

@josefkreitmayer If you wanted me to take part in a mapping workshop with Orangotango on Monday night with @severinhalder, please book the 10:58 or 11:53 connection for Tuesday, the 9th instead.

Hallo @almereyda,

the ticket is booked for 8 - 20th jan. please check your gmail account.
please bring your idenfication card for the journey = ec-Karte.

I booked for the 8th, so the whole technical team can arrive on the 8th. Thank you for your understanding.


@maxlath you are already in Witzenhausen, is that correct?

@alabaeye do you already know about times for possible train connections?

Should we open a conversation to plan the public outreach?

Berlin Hbf
Witzenhausen Nord
Mi, 10.02.16 ab 09:34
Mi, 10.02.16 an 12:37

Witzenhausen Nord
Berlin Hbf
Mo, 15.02.16 ab 18:20
Mo, 15.02.16 an 21:28

55€ mit BC25

let’s open a conversation for community engagement yes!

you got the ticket in your mailbox.
Please bring your Bahncard 25 as identification card.

Great to have you there with your role as community connector!
Great “Aufschlag” [quote=“alabaeye, post:28, topic:890”]

let’s open a conversation for community engagement yes!

I had to skip that train and will arrive tomorrow evening at 17:37, instead.