Handling monetary flows in CHEST

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Today @almereyda and me had a very productive call on issues to be discussed and resolved to develop the financial flows in CHEST.

here find the pad: https://text.allmende.io/p/monetary_flows_in_CHEST

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I wonder, if we should have a new category on that topic,

as it is several topics overlapping and difficult to handle in one conversation:

  1. how to handle different contract agreeements (employment / freelance work-package contract)?
  2. clarify which partner get’s which amount of money, within which contract and what for
  3. in which form is the project, transactions and developments managed
  4. frame(s) and acceptance criteria for payments5) risks and coping strategies

At the same time I wonder how public that discussion might be. Some aspects might be very pragmatic (which contracts), some (how to decide who does what and gets paid) might be more of a broader interest.

There is also the possibility to handle a project as commerce, and agree on a certain ammount or contribution to the overall commons.

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I think everything should be public (or at least accessible to all members of discourse), except where confidentiality clauses exist from the other side. It doesn’t matter if we find it interesting to share or not, it is more about transparency and giving the community the tools to follow the process where needed/wanted.

This can be something to discuss in the future, but I think we need first to get proper governance in TransforMap going and then have the time to properly discuss and legitimate such a proposal by the larger community.

Proposal for "Projects" Top category
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On contracting, here are some interesting reads about how this can be done within an agile team:

Wie gehen Verträge mit Scrum?
10 Contracts for your next Agile Software Project

Please keep in mind that agile development is a tool emerging on late 20th century hypercapitalism. We should confront us with the proposals made on these articles and transform them into solidarity economy schemes, which nevertheless are capable of supporting a fulfilling team work and the effective delivery of the products we commit to.

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CHEST contract between lead partners Get Active and Ecobytes
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For practical and flexibility reasons, it would be good for us to push up the budget allocation for server infrastructure (which is a combo of servers costs, maintenance and deployment work, as well as related organisational costs). This would allow us to pay costs we need for infrastructure and be flexible for contracting/giving Aufwandsentschädigungen to people in the collective supporting the infrastructure.

@josefkreitmayer, could you ask the consortium partners if they would be happy with a simple receipt for server infrastructure being issue by Ecobytes to Get Active, which would be in the range of a few thousand euros? The receipt would also be a (limited) guarantee for the provision of the services for the next years.

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If you need a form to be signed for reimbursements, or any such things, or if the hackathon processing is just too much, simply scan them and send all to me, I will make transfers and all other relating processes required.