Hello OSM JOSM-Handbook: English translation needed for MMM!

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I’ve now updated the German JOSM handbook to the Taxonomy Version 1.0 (and shortened it a little bit).
An important task is missing for Mapping Month May: Translation to English!

I’m looking for volunteers who would like to help translating.

In order of importance, the following steps have to be done:

  • Translating first chapter (Mapping) text (pages 1-7, ~1000 Words)
  • Taking new English screenshots from JOSM (10 for chapter 1)
  • Translating the last chapters (Troubleshooting, Appendix, Resources): ~1600 Words, 11 Screenshots

People capable of English and German, please reply to this post or drop me a message if you’re willing to donate some hours to TransforMap!

The document (.odt) can be found [here on github ]. Either send me a pull request or if you don’t know what that means, E-mail me the . There is also an old [Trello Card, where the status can be tracked.

Many thanks in advance,