How do I bring data from a regional map to Transformap?

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

This is a request from Darren Sharp I received:

I wanted to ask your advice as I’m involved in creating a map for the New Economy Network Australia (NENA).
The plan is for our volunteers to help put this together using uMap but keen to find out if there’s a relatively simple way to make it compatible with Transformap down the track?
Should I get them to add the POIs in a spreadsheet for bulk import?
At this stage the map will just be a list of all network members around the country similar to this from the New Economy Coalition.

My answer:

by using uMap you can always export your bulk data. If you do not plan to have some sort of taxonomy with different layers on your map, there is no problem in terms of future compatibility. Umap allows you to export data in various formats including JSON which is the most common one for map data.
The last thing that happened in Transformap was the production of a map based on Transformap’s infrastructure (I can’t explain you too much in detail here) for the solidarity economy network SUSY:
Maybe their categorization is useful for you and be an inspiration. If you are willing to develop a taxonomy of your projects, maybe you can reuse terms that have already been used on SUSY and stored on transformap’s taxonomy base:
There you can check ‘items’: these are vocable used in a taxonomy. One idea is that you can use those items (and their description on your map) also by linking to each page (there is more to that as that page is based on wikidata). This is getting more complicated.


Thanks for the help!