How does mapping contribute to change the world for the better?

Maps are a powerful tool. They will help us deal with the challenges of a changing and unpredictable economy and with the ecologic challenges ahead.

TransforMap’s mission is to make fair, free and sustainable ways of meeting our needs more visible in order to be accepted by more people, but also to replicate and bring them to scale. We believe the diversity of the alternatives that we map provides a wide panel of alternative pathways to adapt to increasing disruptions of our globalized economic and ecological systems, building resilience from the
TransforMap will impact life-styles (just as Google maps did), encouraging people to opt for alternatives to the modern, speedy, energy and consumption-intensive way of living.

That is why we need your support, now!

Help us to aggregate data and support communities in producing shared knowledge categories (taxonomy/ontologies) of transformative practices. By crowd-mapping the ongoing socio-ecological transformation, we make it visible and palatable for a wide public. TransforMap has a clear message: the transformation is already ongoing.

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