how lively is the OSM proposal process?

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Hello There,

I hust had a look into the OSM Wiki and the Tag-Proposal process. It seems, that there is a lot of proposals that is outdated. There is about 400 proposals on as “under way”, of which most are not even set in “draft”, but date back 2 - 5 years.

eg: (last modified 2008) (2008) (last discussion from 2011) [sidenote, I am actually interested myself in that topic)

as mentioned in the description for proposals, these outdated proposlas should be marked as abandoned, or else at some point, or am I wrong?

Yeah, they should be - if the initial creator doesn’t show any more interest in the topic.
The OSM-Wiki is a real big mess anyway, because most Mappers are more interested in mapping than in boring wiki-work :wink:

And about the proposal process: there are discussions on various mailinglists (e.g. tagging) how useful the ‘official’ way of introducing new tags is. A log of people are unhappy with the current state, and some people e.g. even suggested Loomio for decision-finding. It will be a while before a new ‘stable’ system for proposing new tags will be established, if ever so.