How should we handle project status?

(Thomas Kalka) #1

I’m preparing a hackerspace layer for is using: active,planned,building,reformatting,closed,unknown

In our mappings directory we use Proposal,In Development,Working,Does not work

As hackerspaces vocabulary seems to be more general, I would change the mappings
Proposal -> planed
In Development -> building
Working -> active
Does not work -> closed

Is having “unknown” as valuea good idea?
It would allow to query for missing entries.

Are there any vocabularies for project state or a broader attribute, which we should use or learn from?

(Thomas Kalka) #2

I have added GEN taxonomy to the above post.

(Y'a la merde!) #3

I suppose @elfpavlik, @fosterlynn, @bhaugen or @amy would be knowledgeable about this.

(Bhaugen) #4

I’m thinking about this. It’s complicated.

First, what do you mean by project?

  • Some people mean a usually collaborative (but could be solo) activity with a goal and probably some idea of when the goal should be accomplished. When the goal is accomplished, the project is over.
  • Some people mean something ongoing that may include many activities and have no definite end, like the ecovillages. Sensorica has both of those kinds of projects, too.
  • Might be other kinds that I can’t think of right now.

And then, when you are thinking status, do you mean the state of the conversation about the project, or the state of doing the work of the project, or the state of evaluating the project?

See, for example, the funneloop of proposals from Value Flows Intents or the states of a Conversation for Action from Value Flows Exchange Protocols.

If doing the work of the project, it might have some internal structure, a sequence or tree or network of internal processes, and the state of the project might be the states of the active processes. Here’s an example from Sensorica. Becomes fractal the more you think about it.

Hope that helps, rather than confuses…

(Thomas Kalka) #5

Thank you.

Perhaps there is a better name for it, but “collaborative activity” is one possible broad description.

The goal can be finishable or not. For the accomplished goal the “project state” would be “finished” or “successfully finished”.

I am not trying to find an ontologic correct way of describing activity state.
But, if we try to accumulate different sources of data, we need a pragmatic representation of project dynamics.

I would like to learn about taxonomies , naming schemes or other similar thinking about systems dynamics.

Thinking in states and transitions is an important part of traditional chinese medicine