How to add a marker to as new user?

(Robert Orzanna) #1

Dear all,

I have been following your initiatives for some time already (participated in the workshop at the Degrowth 2015 conference).

Finally, I wanted to contribute to the map by adding a few points from Utrecht (Netherlands).

However, by looking at the landing page at, it is not clear as a new user how to add a new point (e.g. an organic, fairtrade cafe) to the map.

Can anyone please explain me the steps and I am happy to contribute to a user-guide.

Apologies if this already exists and I haven’t found it.



Adding multiple POIs AND creating a selective map
Adding multiple POIs AND creating a selective map
(Michael Maier) #2

Hi Robert,

The maps you see on are based on OpenStreetMap. Therefore, new points they have to be added to OpenStreetMap:

  • go to the place where you want to edit on one of our maps and zoom in to maximum
  • click on the pencil in the top right corner - this opens our iD editor.
  • Look around if your POI already exists and click on it.
  • if it is not there, click on “Point” (on the top) and place a new point.
  • fill out all known fields
  • Click “Save“ (you need to have an OSM account - this is done in 1 min.)

When you add the “organic” tag, it will show up on the Organic-Map, if it has the “fair_trade” tag set, it shows up on the Fairtrade-Map - you get the idea ^^.

In fact there is no guide on the iD-editor yet (only for the advanced JOSM in German. )

We would be very happy to have you on board :smile:


(Robert Orzanna) #3

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for this introduction! I think I understood how it works. I committed my changes by adding an organic, regional cafe in Utrecht! :smile:

Can we transform your guide into a quick-start paragraph for new users on the start page?



(Michael Maier) #4

Hm - i just checked, there is a link “Check out the tools available here!” on the green “Get Involved” section, which leads to a similar how-to list.
It maybe is a little bit too hidden^^

But we should provide an how-to with screenshots for newbie users. If we have an easy step-by-step guide, I will happily link it from each of the maps!

(Robert Orzanna) #5

I will create a screencast ‘howto’ in the next days!

I will share the link with you here.



(Silke ) #6

AWESOME @orschiro we meet on Thursday / Friday in Munich, it would be great to have you with us. Next time perhaps.

(Silke ) #7

@orschiro WELCOME
look at this Read this first and the link to the tools we provide there.
@toka @species further hints are certainly welcome (I will open a FAQ page for "how to add a POI)

(Thomas Kalka) #8

Hi Robert. Any Progress on this ?

(Robert Orzanna) #9

Hi Tomas,

I tried an effort to create a documentation here.

Any feedback is welcome. I’m happy to create another one. :smile:

~ Robert

(Michael Maier) #10

Thanks @orschiro for trying out TransforMap and documenting that!

At first, please everyone do not publish this video anywhere, because is misleads in how to contribute to TransforMap in many ways :wink:

But actually, you provided us with a lot of very valuable feedback where we can learn a lot about the mistakes we made!

  • We should clearly state that the Semantic Mediawiki is currently NOT linked to the maps on
  • Geocoding with Google in the Semantic Mediawiki is a bad idea, as it taints the data our users produce.
  • The checkboxes in the Semantic Mediawiki for e.g. interaction have badly placed labels (You wanted to check “gifting”, but the checkbox you clicked was “rebuy&resell”) @toka can you investigate that?

Thanks for mentioning “I don’t know why it is based in Graz” - This is because we don’t grab the geolocation of our users on default (for privacy reasons). But you have found the “locate me” button :slight_smile:. Maybe we should display a popup on start “take me to my location”. I’ve created an issue.

But I enjoyed the first minutes of the video where you explain TransforMap!
If you have time, you may produce a video like this using the iD editor?

Thanks for your effort!

(Robert Orzanna) #11

I appreciate your words and will make another (publicly presentable) one! :blush:

~ Robert

(Robert Orzanna) #12


Again learned a lot by making this one:

Another round of feedback is appreciated.

~ Robert

(Ruby van der Wekken) #13

Hi dear all, this is perhaps not the right place to ask my question, but we here in Helsinki have been trying to add some actors on the TransforMap of identities Demo map, but now some days later, they still dont show up? Have you been adding anything on lately to that map, and has all been ok?

(Robert Orzanna) #14

Hi Ruby,

Which method did you use to add the markers?


(Michael Maier) #15

Hi @Ruby, @tuomo, @orschiro

I’ve checked @tuomo 's edits, and they did show up on the TransforMap of Identities - if you zoom in far enough :wink:
The reason for not showing up on “global” scale is that only they are fetched only from “live” data beyond a certain zoomlevel, to decrease server load. On lower zoomlevels, they are loaded from a cache-file, which is only updated infrequently. But I’ve updated the cache-file manually now, so they now show up on all scales.

Bounding Box
(Robert Orzanna) #16

Thanks for the background information on caching, @species!


(Ruby van der Wekken) #17

Hi ! Wonderful - thank you so much Michael, and also Robert! for your reply and the good news that all is well :slight_smile:

Very glad indeed those spots are visible on the map; Be it with small steps at a time :), we are trying to take forward a solidarity economy process, and have a next event in February prior to which also inviting actors to join the map&process, and as such glad to be able to point to a demo with already some actors in Finland onboard! :smile: thank you!

(Robert Orzanna) #18

Can someone please share the map of identities for me?

I haven’t seen it yet.



(Michael Maier) #19


The “identities” map is currently the default map-view on

(Robert Orzanna) #20

Alright, thanks!


On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 11:49 AM Michael Maier wrote:

species Michael Maier scrumteam
January 24


The “identities” map is currently the default map-view on

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Can someone please share the map of identities for me?

I haven’t seen it yet.



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