How to add new regions ?

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

How can I add countries that are not in the tree? e.g. Austria:
This is a snapshot of form for mapping resources.

Collection of Mappings before the move to
(Thomas Kalka) #2

:alien: look at the source, luke !
In wikis (and other programming environments) you get good inspiriation, if you look, how someone solved a similar problem. So look at the page source code for Germany (it lives in the “Category” namespace):


This means: use template "Region"
with the first positional parameter “Europe”

If you look at the source of the template you can see how it is programmed.

For example: if you want to create a region for Poland, edit the page “Category:Poland” with content


I’ve started to write a bot, which gets data from wikidata and creates all the missing country pages.
But if you don’t want to wait until its ready: create the missing pages yourself.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

thanks for the empowering answering master yoda! I did create a page for Austria.
that was so easy that I am a bit ashamed of even asking. :slight_smile:

(Thomas Kalka) #4

One has only to be ashamed of not asking.

(Silke ) #5

what does “master yoda” mean?

(Thomas Kalka) #6

and to give you @silke an idea of who is Master Yoda: