How to create thumbnails/previews for existing maps ?

(Thomas Kalka) #1

Semeoz shows nice previews of maps inside their posts.
How could we do similar for our atlas, whithout doing it by hand.

  1. (implemented) As a first step, we show screenshots of the whole referenced page.

  2. In a second step, we have to think about automatic and manual ways to extract only the map.

  3. In a third step, we could try to determine extents.

  4. Finally we could try to scrape coordinates and poi types out of these maps and store them as sub-objects inside the wiki and/or at

(Thomas Kalka) #2

@almereyda could you help by moving appropriate posts from other threads in here?

(Thomas Kalka) #4

@Maia, @alabaeye:
If we walk through our links to maps and change them to link to the map directly, identified by url and map-id, it will be very easy to get a screenshot of the map.

For example, in the url to the project was

while the actual link to the map is

If we enrich this url with the id of the map, we will see the map as top element:

(Adrien Labaeye) #5

Yes that sounds like a reasonable approach that shouldn’t take so long if we the three of us go through the 200 entries. Many already point to the map URL.

(Thomas Kalka) #6

I have implemented basic url preview. Just open some mapping entry, for example

(Adrien Labaeye) #7

great! On that page there are two URLs so two previews. I guess we should remove the secondary URLs from that field. From a readability point of view, would be nice to have the preview on top, outside of the table. It would also be great that the preview image is linked with the URL directly.
kuddos for the quick implementation!

(Thomas Kalka) #8

I implemented your suggestion first, and then switched to the actual one.
Its more ugly, but it helps to review the urls better, imho.
But it’s easily changeable.

(Adrien Labaeye) #9

I see. Could you change it again so we can see the difference? Maybe we can post screenshots here:

(Thomas Kalka) #10

Try it yourself ;-), you will find the code in the history of

(Thomas Kalka) #11

Btw, you asked somewhere how to change the sidebar.
Do it on

(Jon Richter) #12

Should we host our own Manet service?

(Thomas Kalka) #13

I’ve tried. But on my machine this does not work well, if I open multiple screenshots at once.
There is no rate limiter / job queue implemented in manet.
Any ideas how to add this without programming a job queue ?

(Thomas Kalka) #14

I’ve started to play with

(Thomas Kalka) #15

It seems to work and you can see thumbs of all sites in the wiki on

(Jon Richter) #16

I can see few TODO:s in

Configuration is nice to have as command line parameters, a config file or environment variables. could be an example on how to proceed.