How to do a map jam?

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Shareable put together a comprehensive mapjam guide. Find it here!

It includes a FAQ:

- How do I list things that aren’t mappable?
Keep a list of these things you’ve brainstormed and add them to the directory. If they have a regular space but not a permanent address, add them to the map with a note and a weblink for details.
- How do we decide who’s in and who’s not supposed to be on the map?
That’s up to you and your community to decide. The more representative of a group, the better. You can also check out these principles of solidarity economy.
- What if someone’s already made a map but they don’t want to open it for me to edit it?
There’s no harm in having lots of maps. You can share yours after the MapJam and decide if you want to join into one map or keep them separate.
- What if we don’t have much to map?
See “Think Outside the Box,” page 6.
- How do I start a MapJam with just myself?
Most great ideas start with just one person or a few people. Be bold. Set an event date and location with just yourself or a few friends and create an online event link on Facebook, Meetup, or Eventbrite, and then promote it and do more direct invites. Waiting for the right people to show up before creating the event doesn’t usually work.
- Can we do the mapping offline if we can’t figure out the technology right now?
Absolutely! Many mappings begin as drawings, group brainstorms, or pins on a road map. Just make sure you document your brainstorm by taking a photo or notes to create a map ASAP. Email your photos to: