How to get involved?

(Hung Le) #1

ou like the idea of TransforMap? You want to get involved?
Here are a few ways you can choose to contribute! Find the right place and task for you to become part of TranforMap! Add your questions and suggestions. Help us to integrate more people. W E L C O M E!

  • You have a database of initiatives :
  • Add it to the Transformaps Atlas:
  • Open your data and get in touch [add contact]: let’s discuss what kind of license will enable both maximum collaboration and the preservation of your interests
  • Why not testing TransforMap’s Taxonomy version 1.0?
  • You have programming skills or are an organization with such skills at hand? Contribute with programming, pool your technical resources with the TransforMap community. Visit our project board and backlog to know what needs to be done on the software side (we’re working on making this more comprehensive, bear with us).
  • You want to make Transformap visible on your site : while still in testing phase, you can already place an embeddable Transformap viewer on your site. Soon you will be able to shape your own filters to determine which type of POIs to show!
  • You are well connected to the local alternatives of your city/region: why not running a local test mapping using TransforMap’s infrastructure and tools? Check out the tools available here and write on this forum to get more information and support!
  • You have knowledge of the initiatives, movements and networks and can contribute with making meaning of all the points of the alternatives? Then you should visit the Base , the place where everyone can contribute to the building up of ontologies of the transformation, by providing associations between terms, concepts and geographical data.
  • You’ve got some other skills to volunteer ? Support with any other means and get in touch via our global mailing list