How to make a personalized map with uMap?

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Creating a new map with a unique URL with uMap is easy. It can be updated simultaneously from up to four computers at the same time, but be careful concurrent editing of the same layer is not possible - it will delete data! Therefore we would suggest that you handle the editing of your map carefully, designating 2/3 map curators who can coordinate their editing work.
Once you will have created a new map with uMap, it is easy to scroll over the icons to find the tools that you need to add locations. UMap is user-friendly but still quite powerful!

Here are a few hints!

  • Go on a map by clicking the dedicated button (you may log in first advised to be sure you easily find your map again and better manage editing rights)
  • Give a simple name to your map by clicking on the pen icon in upper left corner: e.g. Shareable Map Jam in NYC
  • Start adding points of interests (any initiative you may want to map) by clinking on the marker icon (right side)
  • You may create layers using the dedicated icon (left side) to make your map more readableYou may change the tiles style (the appearance of your map background by clicking on the tiles icons (right side)
  • You may look at more advanced ways to customize your map by clicking on the settings button (right side). Among many other things you can adjust the colour of markers, the presence of a panel on the right side showing your layers names, etc.
  • By clicking on the key icon (right side) you may share the editing rights with other users with different options: secret link allowing anyone with the link to edit, allow specific users by giving their username (they will have to create an account), allow anyone (we don’t recommend to avoid conflicting edits).
  • You may get a HTML code to embed your map on a webpage by clicking the icon ‘more’ (left side) and then clicking on the share button
  • You may choose a license for your map by clicking on the settings icon (right side) and the ‘credits’ category: we advise WTFPL (What The Fuck Public License) that will basically allow anyone to use the data anywhere (including importing it into OpenStreetMap at a later stage).
  • You can also not choose any license and agree with Tom from Shareable on terms for sharing the map data. Remember, the more open, the more impact!

For more detailed instructions and get more inspiration check the how-to screencasts!

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