How to map regional networks?

Hi all,

I would like to get your quick feedback:

How would you map regional networks such as the FSENetwork?

Some characteristics:

  • The network connects (mostly European) social entrepreneurs that create business models to use food surplus and reduce food waste
  • Some of these entrepreneurs have a physical location (e.g. a restaurant), others operate at a regional level (e.g. distribution), others are completely online.
  • The network is operated by two volunteers who are based in Brussels

Are there any best practices how to map such a network?




Hah - a new network! That would be a good candidate for a new value of the “identities”-tag!

for the FSE Network i therefore propose “identity”=“food_surplus_entrepreneurs_network”. If there are no objections, i will add it to the wishlist on our taxonomy page in the osm-wiki.

For restaurant, use “amenity”=“restaurant” (the established OSM tag), and additionally add “identity”=“food_surplus_entrepreneurs_network”.

If they have a fixed place (maybe similar to a “Fairteiler” from, just add a point, add identity, provides=food+drink, interaction=gifting in addition to standard tags like address, name etc.

As these are not on the streets, they cannot be mapped in OpenStreetMap ;-). But you can add them to the Semantic Mediawiki.

Hope to help,

This is an odd identity and maybe very specific of the network in itself. Network should not be equivalent to identity.

As I am also looking for a (still missing) identity on the food level, I think something broader like “skippers”, “food activists” or “agroecologists” could work better. @orschiro what do you think?

I agree.

A network is not the same thing as an identity, therefore we decided to today to introduce “networks” as different to “identities”.

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I second the idea of introducing networks as distinguished actors. For the FSEN specifically, I would use “food divergers” (as of diverging food surpluses).


same here!