How to retrieve the TransforMap data set?

Hi @almereyda and @josefkreitmayer,

Is it possible to have access to Susy datasets? Where?
I am working on a research project on maps of “alternatives”, generally speaking, in Portugal.
I want to compare datasets from different maps and find out what are their redundancies and add-ons.

I have interviewed one of the Portuguese partners of the Suzy project, who has told me I should contact you concerning datasets of the mapping platform.

Can you give me a hand please?
Where can I download the Portuguese dataset?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Hi @saritamoreira,

I hope your research goes well. We are no longer actively maintaining the TransforMap platform, and do not find the time to respond to requests lately. I hope @kevflanagan managed to pass you on the following, which I am leaving here for documentary purposes:

You can download all TransforMap data under

It’s Public Domain, and GeoJSON, so should be easy to parse.

You might wish to filter this dataset for points that lie withing the territorial boundaries of Portugal. Please write to me, if it is a question to you how to do that.

Further data can be retrieved from:

Thanks for moving on with understanding what the alternatives are about.



Hi @almereyda,

Thanks a lot for sharing.

I would really love to learn how to handle json and geojson, but while I don’t, I have managed a workaround already: I converted the dataset to a csv file and used spreadsheets instead… (I am sorry if this breaks your heart).

… and voilá! I have all the Portuguese data I need now :slight_smile:

Warm regards, & thanks again to @kevflanagan for bridging this,

Hi Sara,

glad to hear that all this worked in a way for you to be able to access the data that you need.

As I am curious, can you leave me and other bystanders who might walk up to this conversation later, a note about how you converted the dataset into spreadsheet form?

I am also interested in knowing how you sorted out places that are not in Portugal. But this appears to be quite of an extra to document, as I imagine that you simply sorted the dataset manually?

Good luck with your research,