How to use this forum

(Thomas Kalka) #1

Short overview, how to navigate, stay informed and contribute in this forum.


By clicking on the Transformap logo in the top left corner, you should see an overview about the content.
Use the left column for structural navigation.
The right column shows recently updated threads.

Stay informed

There are several ways to stay informed.
You will be automatically subscribed to threads where you spend more than 2 minutes reading.
You can (un)subscribe to a category by changing your watch status.

Contribute …

You have to create a login to be able to contribute. Please do so, following our guidelines.

Make micro-contributions

Since we run this forum in maintained wiki-mode, there is no problem to add little questions and comments at any place. If you comment each topic individually, it makes it easy for us to clean up the thread. We will remove comments, after their input was integrated into other posts in a thread.

Make use of linked topics

To provide contextual links to other relevant discussions, Discourse displays incoming and outgoing links on the right side of a post. These can be produced in two ways:

  1. By clicking the Reply as linked Topic link next to an entry or
  2. By inserting a link to already existing topics into a text.

You get a link to any particular topic by clicking on the Chain Icon next to the other shaded icons below a post.

Keep track of ToDos

for now, we do by writing “xTODO” each time we see something to be done. Try to describe in one sentence what’s needs to be done and feel free to ping someone or yourself. You can search later for “xTODO” when you have a bit of time and are ready to work :wink:

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