ICA commissions joint workshop: Atlases, Cognition, Usability

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The International Cartographic Association will hold a workshop about Atlases, Cognition and Usability.

Although every atlas is intended for its users, cartographers should pay attention to the fundamental cognitive and usability issues of the product. The joint workshop addresses strengthening existing research on topics related to atlases, cognitive and usability issues and provides a platform for joint cooperation between cartographers dealing with atlases, cognitive, and user issues that will lead to new collaborations, new ideas and new friendships.

The workshop sessions will be managed as either oral presentation of research contribution or open mind discussion above presenters’ motions where cartographer from each commission can present their ideas to the members of all three commissions and others. Participants may also choose from some practical workshops. Optional guided tours to the romantic water cruise on underground River Punkva and visit of the Macocha Abyss, the largest gorge in the Central Europe and Moravian Cartographic Center.

I wonder if @severinhalder, @alabaeye, @Maia, @tuomo or other research interested people (@gandhiano, @Scimonoce, @Amaury_Van_Espen et al) would be interested in going there and presenting our crowdmapping approaches to atlassing? It’s EUR 50,00 per person excluding accomodation and travels.

There is a call for papers for this event:

Spring2018.pdf (621.0 KB)
Spring2018_CALL.pdf (555.4 KB)

Call for Papers: ICA commisions on Atlases, Cognition and Usability